No fake smile, no cliché posing, no accessories overload. My aim is to take natural and soul seeking pictures of you and your family.

As a mother of two amazing girls, I know how time flies. Let me hold on these moments for you to cherish them for many years to come...

At your home or outdoors at your preferred location.

During the day! I prefer working outdoor using the available light. The daily schedule of your family will not be influenced or go off course.

maternity photography
Your pregnant belly will be focused. It should be clearly visible and you should still feel comfortable. Best between 28-36 weeks.

newborn photography
Newborns are best captured during their first 14 days of life.

baby photography
As of the 6 month.

I will be in contact with you from booking until the photo session. If you need help selecting an outfit and styling your family, please feel free to ask me. I will help you choose your clothing for your photo session and coordinate your outfits with the location that is used during the photo session. For more information and consultation please contact me via email.

Scanning, copying, downloading, printing or any other form of reproduction, distribution and/or duplication, in whole or in part, is not allowed.